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 Hello Internet, you probably found me through my YouTube channel and cubing videos. For those of you who have seen me before, you guys kinda know what my Channel (and now Website) is about. Here's my YouTube Channel. For those of you who don't know me, here's a little info:

 I'm James and on Youtube I make a variety of videos, mostly cubing related. I also make some Gymnastics videos, hence my username "thebackflipmaster". I really enjoy cubing and I'm currently working on tutorials and other cool videos. I am on the Gym Team, so I also spend quite a few hours doing flips and tricks. This is my website I made as a follow-up of my Youtube Channel.

As a speedcuber, I have been looking for the best and fastest types and brands of puzzles. For some puzzles it was hard to find comparison reviews and input for which brand/type was the best. So now that I have figured out most of what I was looking for, I decided to put all that information on a website as an index. That is what Cubeflip is; an index of links for cubers everywhere. Links for reviews, solutions, tutorials, modifications, etc. I have made different pages for different categories of links/ info. Here's the list of my pages and a summary of what they are for:



             This page is a guide to different puzzles, cubes, and mind/brain challenges. For each puzzle there are 5 links:

1. Photo  (this is to find out what the puzzle looks like)

2. Video Tutorial   (this is to find out how to solve or play with it through a video on YouTube)

3. Written Solution   (This is for extra help when the video tutorial is hard to understand)

4. Recommended Brand   (This is so that when (if you do) buy this puzzle, you can have the best one and not a low quality knock- off one)

5. Where to Buy   (This is to help you find where to get that puzzle at the lowest price [if possible])



           This page is a guide to reviews of different brands or types of puzzles. For each puzzle there are 3 categories:

1: Brand   (this is to tell you a brand of that kind of puzzle)

2: Reviews   (this has many reviews from different people on YouTube so that you can see what more than one person has to say about that brand)

3: Where to Buy   (This is for you to go to purchase the brand that is appealing to you after you have seen the reviews for the other brands)

There are also comparison videos, which compare two or more brands of that puzzle. There is not a comparison video for every puzzle. And lastly, there are final thoughts. This is where I say what brand got the best review for that puzzle and list some pros and cons about that recommended brand. 


 Puzzle Mods:

                         This page is for those of you who want to make puzzles. On this page is a list of puzzle modifications you can do to make a new puzzle that cannot be bought in stores. For each puzzle there are 3 categories:

1. Photo   (So you can know what the finished product will look like)

2. How to make  (So you can know how to make it)

3. How to solve  (So you can solve it/ play with it)

I have done quite a few of these mods. It's cool to show a puzzle to your friends and be able to say, "I made that".


 Bandaged Cube Scrambler:

                             Bandaged Cubes are hard to scramble and to solve. I did a Google search and browsed the internet for a bandaged cube scrambler to help scramble it. I didn't find anything. While searching, I saw that people on the internet wanted a bandaged cube scrambler. So my dad and I made a program that gives you a scrambling sequence that is possible to perform on the bandaged cube. I tested and uploaded 50 of them to this website. I hope they will be helpful to everybody. They sure have been helpful to me.



                         This is a page where you can leave feedback and/or a comment about this website. I encourage you to sign the guestbook. If you sign the guestbook, please leave a comment and a suggestion. An example suggestion; "add Alexander's Star to the Cubes/Puzzles page". I would really appreciate your suggestions. And if you have a YouTube channel, please put your username where it asks for your name. Thank You.